How We Can Help You

At RE Design we offer a full range of architectural services offering a bespoke solution regardless of the scale or complexity of your project. We strongly believe listening carefully and fully understanding our client’s requirements drive the success of a project. We aim to create well considered modern buildings that are sympathetic to their environment.   Our main ambition is to improve the way people live in their homes, making the most of the space available and improving the day to day lives of their occupants. 

 We take pride not just in our design work but also in our understanding of construction, materials and detailing. We can help you with planning applications and building regulation compliance including listed buildings, whether you’re building a new house or planning an extension to an existing one we can help you. 

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Domestic Architecture

From home extensions to self build luxury architecture. We can help you with it. If you have a design in mind that you need help realising or if you need assistance in exploring what's possible we can be of service.

Planning Permission

Planning permission doesn't need to be intimidating. We can offer professional advice of what may or may not be possible based on years of experience dealing with planning to help you achieve the permission you need for your project.

Building Regulations

Building regulations set standards for the design and construction of buildings. We can guide you through the process making sure your project complies and make sure there are no nasty surprises. We work with both Local Authorities and private Approved Inspectors.


Choosing a contractor or builder is one of the most important decisions on any construction project. We can help by managing a fair and transparent tender process, from compiling the required drawings to checking the returns to make sure you get the best value.

Contract Administration

We can manage the contract between you and the building contractor. Making sure that everything is built as intended and to a good standard as well as helping settle any disputes that may arise.

3D Modeling & Visualisation

We always recommend clients to commission a digital 3D model of their project. This is extremely helpful in helping clients understand the space proposed spaces in three dimensions. We can provide still images and animations of varying realism dependent on requirements.

Stages of Work

We work in line with the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) plan of work 2020. The plan of work is a framework for the completion of all architectural projects, small and large. 

Stage 0 – Strategic Definition & Stage 1 – Preparation and Briefing

The primary goal for this stage is to establish, understand and identify the best means of achieving your requirements and ambitions for the project. Existing drawings of the property or site would also be produced at this stage

Stage 2 – Concept Design

At this stage design ideas and massing options will be explored. Massing options are essentially the shape and scale of the proposed project in relation to the site, existing buildings and context. We will also look at how best to accommodate the special requirements of your brief into the proposed massing. The brief agreed in stage 1 can be re-visited if required at this stage if it becomes apparent that it is not achievable or if your requirements change. This stage is often carried out in 3D modelling software to give an impression of what the finished project will look like.

Stage 3 – Spatial Co-ordination

Once the massing and concept design are agreed more refined drawings can be produced. The outcome of this stage is to produce drawings and documents sufficient for the submission of a valid planning application.

This is also the stage where decisions need to be made on a procurement route and how you would like to appoint the building contractors and if you would like the continued support of an Architect thorough the detailed design and construction phases of the project. 

Stage 4 – Detailed Design

All design information required to manufacture and construct the project will be completed at this stage. Significant detail is added to the planning level drawings to show how the building will be constructed and allow potential contractors to accurately price the works. This is also when a Building Regulations Application should be made either with the local authority or via an approved inspector. If other consultants such as a structural engineers haven’t yet been involved they will need to be appointed and their work will be coordinated into the drawings.

Stage 5 – Construction

As the title suggests, this is when the project is built on site. This stage normally overlaps in some capacity with stage 4. An Architects role during this stage is called Contract Administration. Having an Architect preform this role ensures that the building is constructed in line with the way it was designed and to a good standard. An Architect will also help settle any disputes that may arise as an independent adjudicator. These disputes may be due to delays or increasing costs as well as many other issues that can arise on construction projects. 

Stage 6 – Handover

Building works complete and construction contract concluded.